Aeon Station

Product Code: SPCD1459
Release Date: 10th December 2021
Product Code: SPCD1459
Release Date: 10th December 2021
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Aeon Stations Observatory is an epic statement more than a decade in the making, with miles of timeless melodies and the kind of overpowering songwriting that will reaffirm your belief in life itself. Longtime Wrens member Kevin Whelans first solo album draws heavily from the perseverance of the soul, resulting in rock music possessing an infectious and inspiring sonic uplift. If youre familiar with Whelans past work, these ten tracks bear a certain and unmistakable familiaritybut they also mark an exciting new chapter in Whelans musical career, as he steps out with more vulnerability than ever before.

Observatory came together carefully for Whelanover the course of 14 years, specifically, as clusters of demos and sketches were eventually assembled and recorded largely by Whelan himself, with assistance from Wrens bandmate Jerry MacDonald and Greg Whelan as well as Tom Beaujour in his Union City recording space. Additionally, his wife Mary Ann provided backup vocals. Its the best Ive done and may ever do frankly, Whelan states. Its written over such a long period of my life. Music I did in the past was tinged with expectations or presumptions, but this time, it was just for me.

The long gestation of Observatory means that a lot of lived experience went into making this album. As time passed, Whelan got married, started a family, and moved to the Asia Pacific region for a period of time; at 15 months old, his son (now eight) was also diagnosed with autism, and the title of Observatory is inspired by Whelans relationship with his son. The moment youre told your child is not neurotypical, your whole world expands in ways you never imagined, he explains. Even though he doesnt speak much at all, or look at anyone directly, you can see him observing everything around him. The album title reflects upon the stories within the songs each one observing a certain situation or feeling.

Whelans scope of musical vision on Observatory is wide open and free with possibilitiesat once recalling the reflective wisdom of Bruce Springsteen, Broken Social Scenes huge anthemic burn, and the Wrens own pulsing-with-life take on rock music. Above all, this is music not only for dreamers but for those who realize and appreciate the enormity of every moment. Its about never letting go about those dreams and your passion, he states. The album starts from a place of realizing that everything is temporary, what we love eventually changes or leaves us, and regardless we continue to search and find our way back home. If youve ever caught air in your lungs or felt your heart beating in your chest, theres no doubt that youll find some level of connection with Observatorys open-hearted, instantly classic-sounding rock.

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