Danger Mouse & Black Thought
Cheat Codes

Product Code: 4.05054E+12
Release Date: 12 August 2022
Product Code: 4.05054E+12
Release Date: 12 August 2022
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Cheat Codes is Danger Mouses first hip-hop album in seventeen years - since his 2005 DangerDOOM collaboration with the late, great MF DOOM - and Black Thoughts only full length collaboration beyond his pioneering music in The Roots.  

No Gold Teeth is the debut single from the dream team duo of Danger Mouse & Black Thought, and the first single from Cheat Codes. 

On No Gold Teeth, Danger Mouses soulful, freewheeling production serves as the perfect backdrop to Black Thoughts metronomic, pin-sharp and chorus-free lyrical deluge.  The result is a dizzying, thrilling opening single from two of contemporary musics most respected artists.  

Product Description:

Finally putting an end to years of swirling rumors and speculation, the collaboration is now officially announced: Danger Mouse & Black Thought bring us their debut album Cheat Codes.

The natural chemistry between Brian (Danger Mouse) and Tariq (Black Thought) comes through in the ease with which the artist and listener move through this album. Moreover, its an album untethered to any genre, era or trend uncategorizeable and timeless.  It is the sound of the pair observing their own culture and asking questions they still may not have the answers to.

Brian Burton (AKA one half of Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells, and Karen O & Danger Mouse and universally regarded as the most versatile producer in modern music) has found a formidable new partner in the incomparably prolific rapper Tariq Trotter - rapper, MC & co-founder of The Roots, film and theater actor, producer, writer or, as Hypebeast sums up: "one of the best lyricists in hip-hop history." 

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