Robert Fripp
God Save The Queen / Under Heavy Manners

Product Code: DGMLP5 0633367605917
Release Date 1 July 2022
Product Code: DGMLP5 0633367605917
Release Date 1 July 2022
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2021 remaster by David Singleton of God Save The Queen: by the time Exposure had been released in june 1979 Robert Fripp had already embarked on one of the most unconventional tours to support a new record that had ever been undertaken; record shops (including Rough Trade West), offices, public spaces, canteens, planetariums and, later, some conventional venues and theatres. Accompanied by a tour manager, a Les Paul guitar, a pedalboard, and two revox tape recorders were packed into a car and they crisscrossed their way across Europe and America. That tour in turn provided the material for many further recordings.

Under Heavy Manners: side two of the lp was given over to the next phase of Fripps drive to 1981. Sometimes referred to as discotronics, Fripp intended to create a bespoke meeting place between Frippertronics repetitious loops and a pulsating four-to-the-floor beat. With bassist Busta Cherry Jones and drummer Paul Duskin, the trio laid down a taut minimalist groove against Frippertronics loops lifted from the solo tour earlier in the year. The trio line- up was augmented by David Byrne as guest vocalist on the title track. Reviewing God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners, Melody Makers Allan Jones lauded the Frippertronics pieces but prophetically concluded: its to Under Heavy Manners that one eventually looks for a key to fripps musical future. He, as much as anyone, needs someone to force an entry into areas Hes not fully able to unlock himself. Under heavy manners suggests hes looking in the right directions.

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