Who we are


Record Corner​​​​​ was opened in October 1958. Located in the centre of the small Surrey town of Godalming, we served as a hub for music fans all over, daring to bridge the gap between Classical enthusiasts and Pop listeners by creating a shop that catered to all genres of music. Whilst this didn't go down smoothly at first, we remained true to our beliefs, and to this day we pride ourselves on providing new Vinyl and CDs no matter how niche. 


Over the course of what seemed like an endless lockdown, we devoted our time to giving the shop the make-over it deserved. With a fresh coat of paint, shiny new displays and tons of second-hand vinyl, we take great pride in what we managed to achieve during such a difficult time. Perhaps the biggest change of all is our state-of-the-art coffee machine. Being located so close to larger coffee chains, we knew we had to stand out if we were to succeed. After spending time sampling local coffee beans, and hiring the best brewers we could find, we believe our coffee is the best in Godalming!

As restrictions are slowly being lifted and life is getting back to normal, we look forward to seeing more of our incredible customers coming through our door. We couldn’t be happier with what Record Corner has become, and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon!

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday - 9am-6pm

Sunday - 10am-3pm

Store Address

Record Corner

Pound Lane



Just off High Street at Lloyds bank