Find a New Home for Your Music Treasures

At Record Corner, the love for music goes beyond the melodies that fill our shop; it extends to cherishing the music you hold dear. We are always on the lookout for quality vinyl collections and individual records that resonate with your heart as much as they do with ours.

Serious Offers

Price Beat Guarantee

As passionate music enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the emotional connection you have with the music you wish to sell. When it comes to music that aligns with our collection, we make serious offers that reflect the true value of your cherished records. What's more, we take pride in our ability to usually surpass dealer prices, offering you a deal that you won't find elsewhere.

Valuing Your Collection

A Symphony of Appreciation

Your musical collection is a testament to the beats that have shaped your life's soundtrack. We recognize the importance of each record and offer a valuing service that pays homage to their significance. Share with us the list of music you're selling, and we'll embark on a journey of appreciation, assessing the worth of your cherished collection.

A Seamless Process

From Collection to Payment

To make the experience as smooth as the notes on a well-mastered vinyl, simply email us or send your list of records. Should our interest be piqued, we'll happily collect your collection free of charge. Our team of music connoisseurs will meticulously value each record, ensuring a fair and thoughtful assessment.

In Harmony with Transparency

At Record Corner, transparency is the cornerstone of our melody. If a mutual price agreement proves elusive, rest assured that your collection will be returned to you at no cost. However, when an accord is reached, we take pride in paying you in full on the very day we receive the records, so you can relish the value of your musical treasures.

Join Our Symphony

Together, We Preserve Musical Legacies

Your music collection tells a story - a tale of melodies that have left an indelible mark on your soul. At Record Corner, we take pride in preserving these cherished musical legacies, inviting you to be a part of our harmonic journey. As we celebrate music's timeless magic, we eagerly await the opportunity to give your treasured records a new home, where they'll resonate with a community of kindred spirits. Together, let's ensure that the symphony of your cherished collection lives on, with the same passion and reverence as the very first note.